Case Study – Fire Extinguisher Installation For Joinery Company

Here at Francis Fire Protection Services, we are able to supply and install fire extinguishers for a number of different commercial premises. One of our latest installations was for a local joinery company. FPPS were requested to attend a local joinery company in Cheshire East to assess their current portable fire extinguisher(s) provision.

Upon arrival, our engineer assessed the whole site, measuring the floor areas, assessing the individual fire risks present, and gained an understanding of their individual processes and manufacturing cycles. From our thorough assessment, it became clear that there was considerable A-Class (solid combustibles such as paper, wood, cloth, and some plastics), B-Class (flammable liquids such as petrol/diesel fuels, oils, and grease), and Electrical risks present throughout the workshop areas.

From this, our engineer recommended dual-extinguisher fire points throughout, which consisted of 6-Litre Foam and 2KG CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) extinguishers, covering the said risks present, along with the foam extinguishers being available to aid escape too. Our engineer then proceeded to supply, commission, and install the said extinguishers at specific fire points throughout, these were finished with photoluminescent ID signs, with a certificate of compliance being issued to the customer.

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joinery fire extinguisher

Whilst in attendance our engineer conducted on-site practical fire extinguisher(s) training with the site staff, who thoroughly enjoyed this training and felt confident to be able to attack small undeveloped fires and to aid their escape from a building on fire.

Overall, the customer was very impressed with the response and service provided by Francis Fire Protection Services and requested our attendance next year for annual fire extinguisher servicing, to ensure their equipment is kept compliant and up to date ready for operational use.

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