FireChief PyroFlow – NEW Fire Safety Product!

Francis Fire Protection Services are 5-star-rated suppliers and installers of a plethora of fire extinguishing equipment. It’s our mission to maximise fire safety throughout Cheshire for small to medium-sized businesses. In order to achieve this, we are always keeping up to date with the latest industry developments and evolving fire safety products. Enter PyroFlow by FireChief.

What Is PyroFlow?

Firechief PyroFlow is a mineral-based fire extinguishing solution that prioritises safety and environmental consciousness. This innovative product is designed for combatting and preventing fires involving Lithium-ion battery cells and flammable metals.

Crafted from recycled low-grade glass, transformed into lightweight and aerated spherical granules, Firechief PyroFlow stands as a highly efficient fire extinguishing agent. It boasts the remarkable capability to swiftly suppress problematic Lithium-ion battery fires within seconds. 

In the event of a fire, users can simply apply the entire bag directly to the visible flames for rapid smothering and containment of the blaze. Alternatively, PyroFlow granules can be poured directly onto the flames to extinguish them effectively, where safe to do so. 

How does it work?

When employing Firechief PyroFlow as a packaging medium, in the event of a battery fire, Firechief PyroFlow undergoes a transformation into molten glass due to the elevated temperatures generated. During this transformation, the granules effectively absorb a significant amount of heat, accomplishing two essential tasks simultaneously: first, they cool the fire, and second, they create an impervious shell around the fire source, isolating it from any further reactions.

PyroFlow (Active & Passive)

Here at Francis Fire Protection Services, we are able to supply both passive and active PyroFlow.

The two products are similar with a couple of notable differences. PyroFlow Active can be used to fight and suppress fires in lithium-ion battery cells and flammable metals. On the other hand, PyroFlow Passive Can be used to suppress fires in Lithium-ion battery cells only. Below is a breakdown of key features and benefits of both PyroFlow Active & PyroFlow Passive:

PyroFlow (Active)


  • Can be used to fight and suppress fires in Lithium-ion battery cells and flammable metals
  • A mineral-based extinguishing agent that is non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Will effectively smother and suppress fires including those involving Lithium-ion batteries
  • Binds liquids and filters gases
  • Free flowing and easy to use

PyroFlow (Passive)

  • Can be used to suppress fires in Lithium-ion battery cells
  • An ideal packing media for storing or transporting damaged or recycled batteries
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Binds liquids and filters gases
  • Free flowing and easy to use

Is PyroFlow tried and tested?

Yes, of course. Firechief PyroFlow is a well-established choice when it comes to serving as a packing medium for mitigating the hazards associated with the storage and transportation of Lithium-Ion batteries. This applies to a broad spectrum of batteries, including those that are damaged or recycled and may potentially leak electrolytes during transit, whether it be by land, air, or sea.

Firechief PyroFlow Passive granules are sized between 1-4mm in diameter and are conveniently packaged in 12 kg bags. On the other hand, Firechief PyroFlow Active granules are smaller, measuring 0.25 – 0.5mm in diameter, and are available in 17 kg bags.

Further information

Firechief PyroFlow, an innovative and eco-conscious fire suppression agent crafted from expanded glass granules. This versatile solution finds application in both proactive fire prevention and firefighting scenarios involving Lithium-ion batteries.

Comprising small, lightweight spheres, Firechief PyroFlow is created from foamed recycled glass with minuscule internal pores, giving rise to a semi-enclosed cell structure. Remarkably, this granulate is entirely mineral-based, rendering it non-combustible and environmentally friendly.

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Francis Fire Protection Services are now available to supply PyroFlow (Passive and Active) throughout the entirety of Cheshire. We cover areas including Chester, Warrington, Crewe, Macclesfield, and the surrounding areas. 

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