Fire Extinguishers Nantwich

Are you a Nantwich based business, or commercial premise owner, looking to upgrade your fire extinguishers, or are you even sure whether you’re meeting the regulations properly? Well, fear not because we are here to help you in the best way we know how. We’re a highly regarded fire protection and fire safety firm, carrying out several different services in this area. We’ve had a strong presence carrying out the installation and servicing of fire extinguishers in Nantwich for several years now and it has been amazing to help so many businesses locally.

Our services generally are, but not limited to fire extinguisher installations, fire extinguisher servicing, providing fire safety equipment, fire extinguisher repairs. If you have any questions or would like to know more about what we do then please feel free to get in touch on 01270 361209 or use our contact form.

fire extinguishers nantwich

Fire Extinguisher Installations Nantwich

Making sure your building is equipped with properly installed and commissioned fire extinguishers is a requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and your individual Fire Risk Assessment. We have engineers that are comprehensively qualified, having been trained through the British Fire Consortium. We simply will not take a second chance on your fire safety and it’s this mindset that makes us such a popular choice, our customers know how much we care. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up, sole trader, SME or corporate, you need to have certain measures in place when it comes to fire extinguishers installations. If you need more installed, or just guidance, then give us a call.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Nantwich

To be sure that you are in line with British Standard BS5306–3 & 8, you need to conduct monthly self-checks of your fire extinguishers, as well as annual checks conducted by an insured and competent fire extinguisher servicing company like us here at Francis Fire Protection Services. It’s all good getting them installed initially, however you need to always look after them going forward.

This is because if the worst was to happen, and a fire was to break out, then you need to know your safety measures are in place and are ready for emergency use. Fire extinguisher servicing involves rigorous and comprehensive checking of all fire extinguisher components, by competent, insured, and authorised persons, identifying faults, corrosion and partial or complete discharge. We are fully qualified and insured in this area and have the knowledge and skill set to do a proper fire extinguisher service at your Nantwich premises.

Can you supply fire safety equipment in Nantwich?

Yes. Head over to our fire safety equipment page which is essentially a catalogue of hundreds of different fire safety and fire protection products. We’ve added this to our website so you can see what it is you may need. We want to show what’s on offer so that businesses and building owners can get as passionate about protecting themselves as much as we are.

Why choose FPPS?

We are exceptional at what we do and have been a trusted name in Nantwich for years. We are passionate about fire safety, and we feel it shows in our work and service offering too. We are knowledgeable, experienced and on a mission to make your buildings safer places. We have a selection of amazing reviews to back up what we say too so feel free to check them out on our website and social media channels.

How long has Francis Fire Protection been in business?

This business has been going since 2019, though the owner has 24+ years of fire safety and fire protection knowledge following a career as an operational fire and rescue crew manager here in Cheshire. We’ve grown organically over the years we’ve been running with a growing roster of clients.

What services do you offer?

Here at Francis Fire Protection Services, we are your one-stop-shop for everything fire extinguishers. Whether you require fire extinguisher installations, servicing or repairs, we are here to help and provide an unrivalled service.

Do you have any testimonials?

Yes. In the time we have been in business, we are extremely proud to have collected well over seventy Google 5-star reviews from happy customers. Our Google 5-star feedback is a true reflection of the level of service we offer. Head over to our testimonials page here.

Get the appropriate level of fire safety protection for your shop, warehouse, factory or office.

Please call 01270 361209 or email to find out how to increase fire safety in your workplace.

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