Case Study – Fire Extinguishers For Office In Knutsford

Francis Fire Protection Services received a telephone enquiry from a new business customer who found our comprehensive and thoughtful website via a local Google search: ‘Fire Extinguisher Companies Knutsford’. The said company’s Health & Safety audit had been completed that day and it was discovered that the inherited existing portable fire extinguishers were well out of service date, not compliant and unsafe.

From this, our engineer was tasked to attend the following morning at 10:30am.

Upon arrival, our engineer assessed the small commercial unit which measured approximately 250m2, within a multi-occupancy administrative office building setting, they reviewed the current Fire Risk Assessment, then recommended two A-Class 3-Litre Water Additive (13A BSI Kitemarked UKCA) and two 2KG CO2 Carbon Dioxide (34B BSI Kitemarked UKCA) extinguishers to cover the identified fire risks (wood, paper & textiles and electrical) present throughout the office areas.

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The customer agreed with our assessment fully, allowing our engineer to then supply, commission, install and certify the said extinguishers which consisted of two fire points, one at the front and the other to the rear of the unit.

The old extinguishers were safety checked, then used for on-site ‘practical fire extinguisher training’ with the company’s staff, who found this training extremely informative, providing them with the necessary skills to know which types of fire risks are present in their workplace, and which extinguisher(s) is needed in the event of an undeveloped fire occurring.

A without charge 3-year fire logbook and basic fire safety training booklet was issued, along with training on how to maintain and update the said logbook, ensuring full fire safety compliance, in-line with ‘The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005’.

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Overall, our new customer was very impressed with the service standard, quality, and response – within 24-hours, ensuring they were compliant as soon as possible. The said customer requested to be added to our annual servicing system, in readiness for next year’s annual fire extinguisher servicing. Francis Fire Protection Services are fully committed to providing the best possible service to all our clients and we are proud to be a 5-star rated Google company. Check out our 70+ 5-star reviews on our dedicated testimonial page here.

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