Case Study – Fire Extinguisher Assessment For Jewellery Business

Whilst attending annual servicing customers in Cheshire East we received a face-to-face enquiry from a new customer who required a fire extinguisher assessment of their jewellery business premise.

Our engineer assessed the traditional shop unit which measured approximately 350m2 per floor. Updating of the Fire Risk Assessment, in line with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, was recommended, ensuring full fire safety compliance.

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After discussing the portable fire extinguisher assessment with the ‘Responsible Person’, it was recommended two fire extinguisher points consisting of 1 x 6-Litre EnviroFoam (27A 183B BSI Kitemarked UKCA/CE) and 1 x 2KG CO2 Carbon Dioxide (34B BSI Kitemarked UKCA) extinguishers were to be installed per floor, to provide suitable and sufficient first-aid fire-fighting cover for the identified fire risks (wood, paper, textiles, flammable cleaning spirits, and electrical) present throughout, allowing for ‘aiding escape’ from the shop unit in the event of fire.

Our new customer was suitably impressed with our in-depth assessment; our engineer then proceeded to supply, commission, install on floor stands – including photoluminescent ID signs, and certify the said fire extinguishers.

Upon completion, our engineer provided a ‘without-charge’ 3-year fire safety logbook & basic fire safety training booklet, enabling the responsible person to fully understand their legal obligations, and underpin their ongoing fire safety processes and procedures.

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In summary, our new customer was suitably impressed with our service standard, quality, and responsiveness, ensuring they were compliant and protected as quickly as possible; the said customer requested to be added to our annual servicing system, in readiness for next year’s annual fire extinguisher servicing.

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